We take a lot of pride in our culture of independent investigations


We go into investigations with not only the aim of establishing the problem but also developing remedial and preventive measures for the risk suffered or likely to be suffered. We take a lot of pride in our business culture, independent investigations, insight into geographical, cultural, and political situations.

Why go with an External Investigation Agency, when dealing with your most critical cases?

Independence and objectivity: An external agency can provide an unbiased and independent perspective on the situation, which can help to ensure that the investigation is fair and unbiased.

Expertise and experience: External agencies are typically staffed by professionals who have specialized training and experience in conducting workplace misconduct investigations. This expertise can help to ensure that the investigation is thorough and that all relevant evidence is collected and analyzed.

Time and resources: Conducting an investigation can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. By using an external agency, an organization can free up its internal resources to focus on other important tasks.

Maintaining confidentiality: by the virtue of diminished familiarity, external agencies are best placed to maintain confidentiality throughout the investigation process, which can help to protect the privacy and rights of all parties involved, before the determination of facts and a course of action is agreed on.

Avoiding conflict of interest: Sometimes, misconduct investigation can be conducted by internal HR department or any other internal department, it could raise concerns of possible conflict of interest. By using an external agency, an organization can avoid this potential issue.

Compliance and legal requirement: Some industries and countries have specific laws and regulations that govern workplace misconduct investigations. An external agency is familiar with these laws and regulations, which can help ensure that the investigation is conducted in a legal and compliant manner.