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As Africa’s leading private intelligence agency, the work we do is vital to private sector development & investor confidence. We collect and analyze business intelligence and conduct verification services, all in a bid to inform decision-making, decisions that some have far-reaching consequences for our communities’ livelihoods. If you wish to be part of this team as a freelance intelligence agent and solve some of the biggest and most complex problems in the private sector, reach out to us.


The qualifications/ skills required to become a freelance agent vary depending on the task you are willing to take up. Some tasks are purely observational and require no degree, while others tasks such as market research may require some understanding of data collection, and mobile data collection tool.

The types of cases that a freelance agent handles can vary depending on the agency’s area of need, at a particular time. They include; data collection, surveillance for missing assets, and verification of certain corporate, regulatory compliance or breach.

The working hours and conditions for investigators can vary depending on the agent him/ herself and the type of investigation assignment being conducted. Some tasks may fall within traditional office hours, while others may work irregular hours. However, the decision is purely on the freelance agent on the assignments they take up.

The amount you can expect to earn as a freelance agent at Somo Group Intelligence varies depending on the task, and agents’ case turn-around time, your level of experience, and the region you are operating in. However, freelance agents can expect to earn competitively.

The training that freelancers at our agency receive can vary depending on their skills deficit on select tasks, but generally includes both online and on-the-job training. Topics covered may include investigation techniques, surveillance methods, and legal considerations.

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