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At Somo Group Intelligence, client satisfaction is our signature. With a track record of unparalleled achievements, we redefine excellence in investigations.

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Corporate Investigations are a
key to boosting Workplace Fraud Risk Mitigation & Management.

In the dynamic world of business, harnessing the power of strategic Corporate Investigations is key to fortifying defenses against workplace fraud risks. By conducting thorough probes, organisations can detect and deter fraudulent activities, safeguarding their reputation and financial integrity.

We Empower Decisions

By identifying risks, validating assumptions, & gathering concrete evidence, these investigations empower decision-makers to decisively mitigate threats, with the benefits of actual facts.

We Build Resilient Teams

When conducted ethically it demonstrate the organization’s commitment to upholding its values & maintaining integrity, it plays a role by fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, & trust within the organization.

We Inform Organsiations

Organizations gain valuable information to assess and mitigate industry-wide risks and opportunities and to adapt appropriate business strategies in line with the investigation findings.

We Uncover Corruption

By uncovering patterns and evidence of corruption, these investigations enable companies to address underlying issues, implement preventive measures, & uphold integrity & compliance within the organization.

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for your corporate

Discover the SOMO Group Intelligence advantage! unparalleled expertise and solutions tailored to clients' unique challenges. We combine technology with investigative prowess to deliver actionable insights swiftly and effectively. With us, you gain access to a dedicated partner committed to safeguarding your interests.

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Regional Footprint

Our regional footprint underscores our commitment to delivering results that primary sourced transcending geographical boundaries in East Africa.
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Specific Industry Experience

Our expertise isn't just broad—it's deeply specialized within specific industries. With years of hands-on experience, we've honed our skills to cater to the unique needs and challenges of various sectors.
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Micro-Finance & Banking Sector - Asset Identification & Tracking
Legal Sector - Decree Enforcement & Forensic Science Support
Manufacturing & Professional Service Sector - Misconduct Investigations
NGO - Human rights related violations
Foreign Investments & Acquisitions - Investigative Due Diligence

Top Expertise Composition

From forensic scientists to legal experts, corporate investigators to field surveillance specialists, we bring together the best and brightest minds in the field. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that we tackle every challenge with comprehensive insights from subject matter experts.
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THE Frequent CASES

These cases form the bedrock of our expertise, representing the norm in our diverse portfolio. With a focus on addressing prevalent challenges, we deliver individualized client-centric solutions honed through experience and insight. Embrace confidence in knowing that with us, your needs are met with a thorough understanding of common issues and a proactive approach to resolution.

  • Workplace Misconduct Investigation Cases

    Our team specializes in conducting workplace misconduct investigation cases, achieving a 95% resolution rate through meticulous and fair processes.

  • Background Checks & Investigative Due Diligence Cases

    We’ve ensured thorough vetting and due diligence, contributing to 98% accurate outcomes, and aiding in informed decision-making.

  • Litigation Support Investigation & Forensics Cases

    We’ve contributed information aiding to favourable outcomes in litigation, and successful out-of-court dispute resolutions in 92% of instances.

  • Organized Retail Fraud Investigation Cases

    Our team has successfully resolved 90% of cases, providing retailers with the insights needed to maintain a secure environment.

  • Workplace Culture Checks & Risk Assessment

    We offer thorough evaluations that improve organizational culture and promoting more productive work environment.

  • Digital Forensics, Incident Response & Cybersecurity Cases

    From uncovering digital footprints to swiftly responding to incidents, we’re your proactive ally in safeguarding against cyber threats.

  • Skip Tracking & Asset Tracking Cases

    Maximize efficiency with our Skip Tracking & Asset Tracking services, boasting a success rate of over 85% in locating missing assets and individuals swiftly and accurately.

  • Internal Investigation Policy Advisory

    Our team provides expert guidance that ensures implementation of robust internal investigation policies, fostering transparency, compliance, and organizational integrity.

  • Forensic Science Report Review Services

    Elevate your defense case strategy with our Forensic Science Report Review Services. We get the science jargon out of the way and get you ready for cross-examination.


Client-Centric, Partner-Driven

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    In our conversations, we explore the complexities of detecting, preventing, and addressing fraudulent activities within corporate structures. We delve into the intricate realms of corporate fraud governance. On the other-hand we talk to Project Justice Volunteers to examine how forensic science plays a pivotal role in defense in criminal proceedings.

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